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JWC Adds San Diego Film Foundation & The San Diego Film Festival to Client Roster

J. Walcher Communications, a public relations agency based in San Diego,  has been hired by the San Diego Film Foundation to promote the San Diego Film Festival. The 2014 Festival is on September 24-28, with award-winning studio and independent films, filmmakers, actors, panels and parties.

J. Walcher Communications will help the Festival, heading into its 13th year, raise its visibility in the San Diego market through a variety of public relations services.

Dale Strack, the Foundation’s chairman and CEO, said, “JWC’s deep experience in the local market, combined with Jean Walcher’s background in the film industry, makes them a very effective partner to continue to grow a presence for the San Diego Film Festival in San Diego, and the film industry as a whole.”

The San Diego Film Foundation supports and advances the best and brightest independent filmmakers both domestically and internationally, engaging and propelling the economic vitality of the film industry and San Diego.

For more information about the San Diego Film Festival, visit www.sdfilmfest.com.

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One comment on “Working with #Millennials (and Breaking the Stereotypes)
  1. Thanks for covering this topic so candidly. I think regular feedback is important no matter what generation you’re in, especially if you work for a large coporation where reviews are annual. I craved feedback more often (and I was in my 40s), and I asked for weekly meetings with my boss to make sure I was on track.

    I also appreciate your comment about graciously teaching new skills. I used to work in raw HTML, but I just couldn’t wrap my mind around tables. I turned to a colleague who was still in his 20s for help. It takes humility and patience for both generations to make this transfer and acceptable of knowledge work.

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